Hitting Lessons

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Hitting is the core skill of all Softball and Baseball athletes. Training, habits and repetition is the key to solid contact with a speeding pitch. At Prodigy Training our philosophy stems from respect and greatness rather than dazzling bravado or cheap thrills. Our staff seeks to deliver results and that dedication translates directly to our athletes. Our goal is to have our hitters destroy the leather of a baseball and defenses need to work for outs.

Comprehensive Programs Include:  

  • One-on-one personal lesson or group
  • Hitting and Bunting
  • Unbritaled Bat Speed
  • Hands
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Hand eye coordination

    Fielding Lessons

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    Putting up favorable hitting averages makes good conversation, but playing defense earns athletes scholarships and D1 starting roster spots. Our fielding clinics are intense. As part of Prodigy’s training, athletes learn techniques and confidence.

  • Ball Attack
  • Head Stability
  • Hands

    Pitching Lessons

    prodigy training
    In addition comprehensive hitting and fielding training, Prodigy offers highly competitive pitching programs. Students will work on stamina training and the nuances of Fastballs, Curves, Sliders, Breaking Balls, and Change-ups.

  • Hi-Repetition Workout
  • Power and Explosion Conditions
  • Stamina Training

    Group Lessons

    prodigy training

    As part of our training curriculum, Prodigy Training offers group lessons to help our athletes adjust to the standard of their peers. Our students will work with group coaches on a variety of highly focused, sport specific, training programs.

    Feel free to contact us on which institutions train at Prodigy and who you will be working with while at our facility.

    Prodigy Training hires coaches from distinguished academic institutions from the New Jersey area and are currently accepting new enrollment for all programs and skill levels.

    Comprehensive Programs Include:  

  • Run Techniques
  • Proper arm drive and leg drive
  • First step explosion
  • One-on-one personal lesson or group
  • First step out of the box
  • Down the line speed
  • Stealing
  • Closing down the gaps
  • Hip opening
  • Getting to the hole
  • Lateral explosion
  • Coming to balance
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Rotator cuff
  • Knee joint
  • Ankle joint
  • Core Development and Strength Training
  • Private Baseball Softball Instruction in NJ