At Prodigy Training we specialize in the skills of Baseball and Softball Athletes, off all skill levels. We are dedicated to one creed, that any student who joins Prodigy will leave a better player than when they walked in the door. Our coaches take pride in such an ethic. Our philosophy stems from respect and greatness rather than dazzling bravado or cheap thrills. Our staff seeks to deliver results and that dedication translates directly to our athletes. Our goal is to have our hitters destroy the leather of a baseball and defenses need to work for outs.

Comprehensive Group or Individual Programs Include:

  • Proper arm drive and leg drive
  • First step explosion
  • One-on-one personal lesson or group
  • Hitting and Bunting
  • Unbritaled Bat Speed
  • Hands
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Lateral explosion
  • Coming to balance
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Rotator cuff
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