Off | Def Line

private football instruction in nj
Prodigy Training offers core and specialized training for Football players or teams in New Jersey. Our facility oozes the grit and sweat of athletes training for the edge of excellence. Our Lineman program is focused toward strength and power, mixed with speed.
  Offensive Line Programs Include:  

  • Stance
  • Pad Level
  • Hand Placement
  • Footwork
  • Run Block Fundamentals
  • Down Blocks
  • Reach Blocks
  • Zone Blocks
  • Flat Pull “Trap”
  • Skip Pull “Wrap”
  • Various Double Teams “Combos”
  • Pass Pros Fundamentals
  • Punch Techniques
  • Power Set
  • Kick Set
  • Slide & Big On Big Concepts
  • Defensive Line Programs Include:  

  • Stance
  • Pad Level
  • Hand Placement
  • Footwork
  • Punch Technique
  • Re-Gaining Leverage
  • Block Destruction
  • Run Block Reads
  • Double Team Work
  • Change of Direction
  • Pass Rush Moves
  • Pass Rush Counters
  • Stunts
  • Group Work Stunt Combos
  • Screen Recon
  • Form Tackling

    Performance Training

    prodigy training
    Gain the edge on the competition. Train to elevate your game, there is no off-season!

  • Lower Body Training
  • Head Stability
  • Hands

    Power and Explosion

    prodigy training
    At Prodigy Training we are not a gym, we are a training facility. We believe that technique and execution defines the athlete, not their muscle size. For that reason we have developed a weight training regime that accents talent, and puts our athletes in the best possible condition for success.

  • Hi-Repetition Workout
  • Power and Explosion Conditions

    Position Specific

    prodigy training

    As the world of sports has evolved, there seems to be one factor that has taken center stage…SPEED. Athletes have been looking for the right formula to improve their explosiveness and dynamics in hopes to better themselves in competition. Prodigy Traininig has focused its efforts towards baseball/softball. Prodigy Training’s professionals feel that the element of speed, agility, and explosiveness has been overlooked on the diamond. Our trainers will concentrate on the correct biomechanics which will help train the body to REACT! Along with speed activation, we will also implement pre-habilitation methods that will help to prevent on going injuries which often occur on the diamond.

    Comprehensive Programs Include:  

  • Run Techniques
  • Proper arm drive and leg drive
  • First step explosion
  • One-on-one personal lesson or group
  • First step out of the box
  • Down the line speed
  • Stealing
  • Closing down the gaps
  • Hip opening
  • Getting to the hole
  • Lateral explosion
  • Coming to balance
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Rotator cuff
  • Knee joint
  • Ankle joint
  • Core Development and Strength Training
  • Private Baseball Softball Instruction in NJ